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This scene made me smile, then laugh. I also had to do a double hear on her voice. It was a little scary how close to Libman's voice Strong got.

season 6 : the season everybody's behaving like pinkie pie

first Rar — Rar ( Rarity )

then Dashy ( Rainbow Dash )

and now Twily Twi ( Twilight Sparkle/Princess Twilight )

who's next ? Jacky ( Applejack ) or Flutters ( Fluttershy )

OR maber even STAR ( Starlight Glimmer )
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It won't be okay
Starlight: Twilight, are you mentally casting your friends as the characters in the story?
Twilight: I, uh…(sigh) yes.
Starlight: (chuckles) That explains the spirit of the past's country accent. But I don't recognize who you've got as the holiday-hating, disaster-inviting, everything-ruining fiend, Snowfall Frost.
Twilight: O-oh, her? Ha ha. It's uh…not important, just a pony i know. Anyway…
Starlight: Twilight. Who is Snowfall?
Twilight: …look, you called her a fiend, not me!
Background Pony #095A
I love the way that it loops, or rather right before it starts up again it looks like Pinkie was waiting for Twilight to look back at the book. Also, fun fact: Pinkie was one of the characters Tara Strong auditioned for (the third being Applejack)