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safe1708326 screencap222452 featherweight1270 pinkie pie216380 spirit of hearth's warming presents239 earth pony249442 pony969437 a hearth's warming tail1512 a christmas carol83 anchors aweigh5 animated98726 bipedal34669 candy6934 candy in hair13 christmas14036 clothes460292 colt14934 cute200095 dancing8368 diapinkes9894 discovery family logo11677 dress44607 eye contact6500 eyes closed93736 featherbetes44 female1364860 food70226 grin38614 hat86995 heartwarming653 holiday20146 looking at each other20269 male373371 mare481594 open mouth146215 scarf23280 smiling249029 tap dancing74 tiny tim13 tom and jerry138


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These gobbers below me don't get the reference.

It's from Anchors Aweigh, MGM (now Warner Bros). Gene Kelly.

My generation just don't get 40-50s references. Not that I insult them of course. They need to learn some history.
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Oh god, dude, no. Family Guy was parodying the 1945 musical 'Anchor's Aweigh' with with Jerry Mouse and Gene Kelly. If you watch the episode they did the parody in with Stewie (Road to Rupert), you'll even see the mouse in Stewie's reflection because they were too lazy to edit it out.

This here would be MLP parodying Anchors Aweigh, not Family Guy.
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I was totally expecting a "You there, boy! What day is today?" "Today? Why, it's Hearth's Warming Day of course!" at the end.
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"Jazz Hooves~!"

I'm really surprised they didn't have her sing that. I've also just realised this is the first Pinkie Pie song we've had in 2 years
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S06e08 animators: know their anatomy and didn't goof up Pinkie's hindlegs.

S06e08 colorists (or whoever of animators was responsible for color): still manage to confuse holly (red berries, wide pointy leaves) and mistletoe (white berries, narrow smooth leaves).