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Applejack riding a horse.
From fruitbloodmilkshake’s now-defunct pony artbook.
Rest of artbook is here: >>577349 >>1165561 >>576509 >>1165560 >>1165562
safe (1108841)artist:fruitbloodmilkshake (73)applejack (119266)bandana (2371)bridle (1951)butte (2)cloak (2058)clothes (244925)cowboy (107)cowboy hat (4488)desert (731)earth pony (67666)featured image (515)female (408826)hat (39161)horse (1698)horse-pony interaction (143)looking at you (75417)mare (168574)one eye closed (10339)ponies riding horses (41)pony (401585)reins (564)scenery (4316)smiling (113362)sunset (2688)tack (1384)wink (13050)


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Background Pony #ADE1
’Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain.

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