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Fluttershy was sleeping in her bed, Then Bluebloos came in

Blueblood: Wake up honey

Fluttershy: Ugh… what is it? *flirty face

Blueblood: Only 4 days to our wedding is whats up? *kisses Fluttershy

Fluttershy: Of couse it is, I got my wedding dress done yesterday. *Get`s up from the bed

Blueblood: Oh! Can I see it *Follows Fluttershy to the kitchen

Fluttershy: You dream *Looks up at Blueblood, that will only lead to bad luck honey

Blueblood: Speaking about bad luck, Twiglight wanted to see you today.

Fluttershy: Ugh… Of course she wants to *annoyed face

Blueblood: What is it? Have she done anything

Fluttershy: It is more what I have done in her eyes


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