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safe1972984 artist:yakovlev-vad573 starlight glimmer55359 twilight sparkle333099 alicorn274720 pony1325053 unicorn447152 book39348 book fort112 chest fluff53410 dialogue80324 duo118331 female1604797 fluffy16928 grin53073 mare619162 monochrome163754 origami199 origami crane24 pencil4342 pencil snap2 sketch72934 speech bubble32144 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138629 unamused20685


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Background Pony #22F3
Only Twilight would be this happy to give a test or take one…
Twilight: “Ready to take the test yet?”
Starlight: Snaps pencil. “Twilight, you’ve asked me that question 15 times already and for the last time no, I’m still studying!”
1 mintute later…
Twilight: “…..Are you ready yet?”
Starlight: “Grrr…”
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I wish Yakovlev would complete half of the pony sketches he makes these days. Most of his stuff nowadays is Patreon sketches, with the occasional complete furry art.