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Now get out of my bed!

No SFM models were used, I modelled everything from scratch.
The environment was done using the camera mapping technique (took a photo of my bed and put it on a rough 3D model as texture).

Made in Blender, rendered with Cycles.


I changed the animation a little: Pinkie now has teeth that are subtly showing and that weird reflection on her eyelid is gone.
safe1577629 artist:trombonyponypie11 pinkie pie203455 earth pony199820 pony847435 3d62844 adventure in the comments1245 animated92096 bed36389 blanket4717 blender4786 c:1164 cute177880 derail in the comments273 detailed hair28 diabetes594 diapinkes8682 eyes closed80381 eyes open136 fluffy12899 gif27965 happy27688 hnnng2262 looking at you144270 morning ponies1375 opening eye2 pillow15471 premiere pro2 realistic1923 side6437 sleeping21749 smiling215505 smiling at you1303 solo974510 stretching2032 uncanny valley873 underhoof46935 visual effects of awesome17 waking up764 weapons-grade cute3215 yawn1324


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I guess this is what the ponies looks like when they come to earth. This is just… perfect. Like a living plush.
Crimson Prose
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Gore Fics For Fun
If I woke up next to that I would scream.
Then I would get over it and the cuddling would commence because that looks soft as boop
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Silver Dis-Astḗr
I'm getting a feeling that this is what the next movie will look like.

It is NOT gonna be "like this" because it will not be a "real world" setting (neither the movie or G5 tv show).
→ Then, since the BACKGROUND is not hyper-realistic (actual photos or an uber-rendered space like FROZEN 2´s beach scene); there is no need for the characters to get this close to the uncanny valey [they will be set on "the other side": clearly not-an-animal-or-plushie but a very good looking clay_robot_with_fur].
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