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The Sly and Devious Trixie
Devises a Cunning Scheme
For the Innocent Silverware
safe1751160 screencap227485 trixie68756 pony1011174 unicorn342534 no second prances1885 animated100851 cloak4444 clothes476253 cropped50489 cup6497 female1402430 fork930 hat90391 knife5488 magic75412 mare502461 plate1781 ribbon7265 silverware51 smiling261177 smirk13027 solo1094779 table9519 telekinesis28745 trixie's cape3931 trixie's hat4753 twilight's castle4091


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Background Pony #692E
By the time you figure it out, anything that vaguely follows the formula of
1 11 11 1__
will look like a loss edit to you.