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safe (1484903) artist:dilarus (1787) angel bunny (8845) fluttershy (189811) pegasus (206872) pony (763709) rabbit (3790) meet-the-pones (199) no second prances (1683) :i (1316) :t (3597) absurd resolution (62329) angel is a bunny bastard (188) angelshy (222) animal (2648) annoyed (4575) blushing (162025) carrot (1787) comic (94248) crying (37231) eating (7960) female (809793) food (54819) frown (20368) glare (7788) husbando thief (114) implied starbunny (2) implied starlight glimmer (320) infidelity (4736) interspecies (19357) jealous (1050) love triangle (371) male (275785) open mouth (110491) raised eyebrow (5615) shipping (171795) sitting (49151) starbunny (36) stool (1333) straight (113742) table (7466) this will end in divorce (44)


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Background Pony #854B
Fluttershy, Angel was being an asshole to you for many seasons of FIM. You're better off without that jerk to push you around. Besides you've got many of your other animal friends to hang out with so you don't need Angel.

And knowing Starlight, she'll put Angel in his place. Unlike Fluttershy, Starlight isn't an wuss.
Chuy Ryu
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dibujo lo que yo quiera
the typical woman that support the abuse but she cry when the asshole abandoned her

you must be happy!
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To Wrath and Ruin🍷
Don't worry Shy, she's with a magician now.

Angel will come crawling back after the 23rd hat he's been pulled out of.