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semi-grimdark32347 artist:evehly817 fluttershy229477 king sombra15099 axe1857 blood27256 butt142999 butterscotch1939 colored wings8544 colored wingtips1830 covering eyes463 eyes closed110914 female1517200 floppy ears60103 frown26462 levitation13523 lip bite12974 magic81599 male428108 plot99899 queen umbra1278 rule 6329260 scared11827 shipping220111 shivering2249 simple background463551 sombrashy388 straight151483 telekinesis31744 umbrascotch11 unamused18830 unshorn fetlocks32527 wavy mouth4371 weapon34408


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Background Pony #BE6D
Not even close to yandere, female Sombra, not even close even you are covered in blood, you are more like a valkyrie, even if you are protecting a sensitive boyfriend, male Flutters.
Background Pony #4E24
“Yes, the spider is dead. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get back to crushing tomatoes for tonight’s dinner. And in the future, don’t tell me to pull out my axe for anything smaller than a manticore.”
Background Pony #5F11
I like to imagine Umbra was actually slicing up tomatoes or something and Butterscotch is cowering just because she’s got a big axe.