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explicit411606 artist:freedomthai656 oc825418 oc only607079 oc:electric aura66 oc:electric spark292 oc:silvia511 anthro310838 anthro oc33871 big breasts104602 big penis15168 breasts336871 female1582829 fingering5310 handjob5136 horsecock84782 male451879 mutual masturbation401 nipples207302 nudity445925 penis184850 sex146495 shipping227534 silspark69 skinny dipping934 stealth sex1137 straight157621 swimming pool3537 under the surface84 underwater7266 water18458


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Judging by the length of his actual arm, I don’t think the anatomy in this is spot on anyway to be frank with you. Plus, the hand jerking him off is a lighter colour than his actual hand, and it’s more of a shade of yellow, and not orange. And it makes more sense for them both to be masturbating each other, and not him doing all the work himself. I think it’s the girl’s hand, despite any anatomy problems.  
Oh, and they’re somehow grabbing his dick at that angle, meaning it’s either bent heavily to the side, or it’s another anatomy error.

I might agree if the distance wasn’t off. Look at the distance from left shoulder to wrist, then from right shoulder to that hand. Her right arm would need to be a lot longer than her left for that to be true.