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suggestive (108615)artist:shoutingisfun (551)princess cadance (27213)spike (64416)bedroom eyes (42414)creepy (3345)female (707928)friday night (33)happy (22336)hug (21525)implied foalcon (1360)implied infidelity (223)interspecies (17742)male (240069)open mouth (98630)raised hoof (29990)shipping (156123)smiling (172909)spikedance (92)straight (104768)straight shota (1047)this will end in snu snu (232)wide eyes (13753)

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DarkMech is Best Mech
It’s a trap.
That sultry look is how she tricks men into volunteering for a game of Monopoly.
Once Shining Armor was so deep in debt to Cadance that he had to sell himself to her in marriage after landing on Boardwalk.
Comments32 comments posted