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"Ohh momma look!", Panacea chirped as two blue birds landed onto her wing, one already snoozing away.

"My, my, Panny," Fluttershy beamed, "The birds have already taken to you. Be careful not to move your wing! You don’t want to startle them."

Panacea was too in awe of the two creatures sitting on her wing to notice what her mother said, but she knew from common sense to stay still. She listened to the gentle snores of the lighter blue bird which made her giggle. The slight movement caused the small bird to startle awake and fly away. The darker blue bird watched the other fly off, and soon followed. Panacea folded her wing back and looked down with a somber sigh.

"Oh dear. Don’t worry, Pan-Pan. You did amazing! I’m very surprised that the birds came to you so quickly. I guess you have a natural gift for this like your momma does," the yellow pegasus winked a cyan eye.

The small foal’s feathers and fur fluffed up with a happy whinny following after.

"Can I do this everyday, mother?", Panacea asked in wonder.

"Of course. I love spending my days with you, Tiny," Fluttershy smirked.

"Hey I’m not tiny!", Panacea retorted.

Fluttershy moved in and booped her nose with Panacea’s and remarked again, "Tiny."

Panacea tried to mask her giggles with an angry grunt, but failed. Fluttershy nuzzled her foal’s cheek, "Let’s go find your father and tell him about this. I think he’ll be delighted."


I never doodled an interaction with Fluttershy and Panacea yet, so enjoy!

Discord would probably be internally displeased that his so-called chaotic offspring was becoming a gentle lover of nature like Fluttershy. But little does he know that Panacea, under all that adorable fluff and gentle demeanor, gets a thrill out of chaos, which will fall into his favour when she spends time with him while Fluttershy’s out. I might make a comic about this lmao.

All drawn in FireAlpaca

Panacea © me



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