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safe1750025 artist:frozenlightssketches3 discord31819 screwball1478 draconequus12811 fanfic:bride of discord41 fanfic:daughter of discord46 all fours3225 angry28059 bully589 bullying634 clothes475809 cosplay28493 costume28556 crying44802 daddy discord88 father and daughter2684 female1401490 growling385 male387878 nightmare night4740 nightmare night costume1594 overprotective173 protecting573 rage1558 spread wings57035 uh oh284


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@Background Pony #F443
Tirek absorbed a lot of pony magic by that point and was pretty huge, so I guess he had a high powerlevel or something. And draining magic was his big special ability.

Other than the excuse that its a kids show, and that you have to have Twilight and friends appear useful. It would be great to see what would happen if Celestia, Luna, or Discord flew into a berserk rage and pulled out all the stops.

If Discord could use his chaos magic to turn anyone into anything else, you wouldn't even need violence to show how scary he could be.
Background Pony #60D7
Always was hoping to see what sort of damage Discord could pull if provoked enough, i.e. Celestia injured by a threat, daughter threatened, Fluttershy beaten, etc.

But considering how quickly he got shut down by Tirek, the whole turning him to stone was never even necessary, apparently.