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Wanted to drawing that new dragon, Ember. Also some new coloring stuff.

Dialogue Version.

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explicit327875 artist:kanashiipanda587 princess ember6000 twilight sparkle288670 alicorn206623 dragon51042 pony885675 kanashiipandaverse124 gauntlet of fire1431 aftersex8792 anus89993 ass44866 blushing182985 book31558 creampie28072 cum74444 dialogue61107 female1288079 for science216 high res23424 implied emberspike46 implied shipping4570 implied spike699 implied straight5191 magic68553 magical stimulation1370 mare440364 masturbation17629 nudity344455 presenting22447 princess embutt283 quill2577 raised tail14018 tail22443 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118536 vaginal secretions37593 voyeurism2089 vulva117463 wingboner7914


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Perhaps your original notes would've been sufficient if you weren't so busy (ahem) multitasking.