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When you’re too short to spar properly.
questionable111411 artist:ponut_joe409 adagio dazzle13048 sonata dusk13628 equestria girls202906 animated99503 bad touch736 bandeau961 belly button79291 blushing200576 boob punch18 bouncing breasts3875 boxing1132 breast envy462 breasts282520 busty sonata dusk1746 clothes466289 delicious flat chest5296 embarrassed11547 eyes closed95418 female1379206 flatdagio dazzle223 funny porn1152 height difference667 jiggle1680 midriff19546 molestation1781 muscles12542 ouch1034 punch1262 punching bag193 short237 shorts14217 sparring77 sports bra3295 sports shorts1143 this will end with breast cancer47 training361 wat19341 workout outfit739


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With the few believe to like adagio's bandeau top when she allegedly used sonata dusk's breasts through her sports bra as a punching bag.
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She smakeing them titties around like a speedbag, Mike Tysoning that shit XD
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@Beau Skunky
Maybe Sonata's just too stupid for the pain to register and that's why she's still standing there looking clueless.

Either that or Adagio throws really weak punches.

On the other hand, the boobs are (usually) a bigger target, so it kinda balances out.
Beau Skunky
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Cute wittle skunku
I feel horrible laughing at this. Especially, that expression.

Though, according to girls I know getting punched in the boob for a girl is like getting kicked in the nuts for a boy.