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Me and AquaticSun collaborated this sucker like nobody's business! He's on lines and me on color. Last print for BABS, I promise. Table J3, if you want to swing by. :D

NOTE: If you wish to contact the artist, please leave a comment in the source instead of here. They are more likely to see it there. I am not the artist.
safe1708800 artist:aquaticsun126 artist:ncmares715 princess cadance32506 princess celestia95118 princess flurry heart7279 princess luna99209 twilight sparkle300624 alicorn224906 pony969889 ask majesty incarnate97 alicorn pentarchy110 aunt and niece441 auntie luna19 auntie twilight171 babscon473 clothes460453 collaboration5310 donut2029 female1365287 food70251 group3495 hoodie14185 ice cream5033 levitation12135 licking20226 magic73379 mama cadence50 mother and daughter5927 open mouth146323 parody15642 plushie23995 print146 raised hoof45787 royal sisters4455 signature24893 sisters-in-law904 socks66466 striped socks21441 sunglasses14496 telekinesis27787 the hangover20 the uses of unicorn horns39 tongue out104180 toy21951 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123795


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Background Pony #5A5E
Ice cream into the ear? Oh god, I can almost feel it myself! Poor Twilight…..
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Good for you?
I don't see the relevance.
I don't worry about it either, just feel that it's been a lot of very similar material.
Which I felt was relevant to what the other person said, in the sense that in fact lately they haven't had the internet's usual variety of fetishes and such.
It's starting to fade away now, mind you, it's more 'a few days back'.
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@The CLaUD
Well, to be fair, for a while it has been a lot of the same.
A certain new 'shipping' from a certain new episode did kind of dominate the Adult material in various sites :P