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Commission for Tekkaman18/Nightstrike
suggestive143287 artist:re-sublimity-kun62 king sombra13910 anthro260767 unguligrade anthro48536 big breasts82276 bikini18177 breasts278331 busty queen umbra572 clothes460656 curved horn6740 female1365802 looking at you169139 lying down17375 queen umbra1162 rule 6326889 sexy29519 slit eyes4573 smiling249331 solo1066214 solo female180070 swimsuit28338 unshorn fetlocks25585


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Me: wakes up ugh what happened?
Umbra: You fainted at the sight of my nice,sexy body.
Me: Please stop. It hurts when i have a boner.
Umbra:giggles Then let me make the pain go away.