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1600 pixel wide version of Tumblr image.
safe1680971 artist:king-kakapo1168 applejack167858 fluttershy210044 pinkie pie213797 rainbow dash231197 rarity179557 twilight sparkle297281 anthro254578 unguligrade anthro47182 alternate hairstyle27520 arm hooves6450 boots21258 chibi14169 clothes450369 cloven hooves9870 dress43624 earring20485 frilly dress278 high heels10830 hoodie13813 hoof hands106 jacket12213 mane six31550 necklace18145 off shoulder1276 off shoulder sweater113 pants14103 pantyhose3375 piercing39897 plaid411 ribbon6974 scarf22885 shoes35290 short hair1887 shorts13630 skirt38940 sneakers4890 socks64924 suspenders555 sweater14247 tongue out101334 unshorn fetlocks24661 watch1380


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