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questionable111872 artist:kaixxxcorner122 artist:lil miss jay2524 trixie68761 twilight sparkle306304 anthro269750 areola19120 breast expansion3521 breasts288913 busty twilight sparkle12466 butt expansion1219 clothes476371 dialogue68088 female1402866 growth5945 nipples175566 nudity382659 panties51497 puffy areolas2040 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126236 underwear62508 wardrobe malfunction5276 what the bitch8


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Background Pony #0D2E

“I’ll have two thunder thighs, extra thicc, with birthing hips on top…”

Background Pony #4474

“What the bitch.”

That’s quite the interesting choice in phrase there.

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Pone of Astronomy

“What the bitch?”
That is a phrase I have never heard before. Gave me a chuckle, heh.