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Emerald tells the zebra that he doesn't want him to die, and that he should come with them. He is one of the nicer people he's met, and that means a lot. If he dies then they'll never see each other again. He asks that he at least think about it a little bit more than he did.

Emerald tries to be understanding, and not to be emotional or cry, but he thinks these things come out anyway. Bo looks extremely uncomfortable and says,

"I'll… I'll try, Emerald."

Emerald wipes his nose and his eyes, and then asks if there is anything he can do to help prepare when something happens.

"It's not like we aren't doing anything to prepare. We are checking our weapons, and our scouts and lookouts are on full alert. There isn't much more you can do, I think, besides keep watch as well." Bo says, patting Emerald on the head.

Emerald clutches the hammer he has and holds back some sobs, and Bo strokes his hair once more before walking out the door.

Emerald suddenly feels rather tired after that emotional display, and decides to go take a nap. It's probably a good idea anyway since they'll be going through most of the strait at night.

While he lays in his cot he wonders if he was being selfish by asking Bo to come with him. Did he do it for Bo, or for himself? While pondering this, Emerald falls into an uneasy sleep.


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