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Another version of future adult Emerald wearng Joyride's clothes.

The next one of these I post will have an fan epilogue written by me.
suggestive142839 alternate version45315 artist:ficficponyfic2696 color edit7657 edit132331 oc683658 oc only448151 oc:emerald jewel1636 earth pony248092 pony965988 colt quest2488 adult2517 alternate clothes1679 alternate color palette449 alternate hairstyle28050 alternate timeline2982 alternate universe10276 amulet1323 androgynous131 aura864 bedroom eyes59326 book33422 bowtie10120 clothes459011 clothes swap1289 color1684 colored19447 earring21078 eyeshadow15578 femboy9120 future540 gem6005 gloves20049 grin38439 hair over one eye9002 leggings2045 levitation12101 lust245 mage456 magic73195 makeup21421 male372112 mantle286 pants14488 piercing41021 possible spoilers49 preview1971 seductive2223 solo1062960 spellbook303 stallion108579 sultry122 sultry pose1852 telekinesis27691 trap4456


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