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1. New York City skyline, Statue of Liberty
2. Grand Central Terminal as seen from the Park Avenue Viaduct (as seen in The Avengers)
3. Times Square
4. The Rink at Rockefeller Center (with gilded bronze statue of Prometheus bringing fire to mankind)
5. Tavern on the Green
6 & 7. FAO Schwartz (legendary toy store open in NYC since 1870, location on 5th Avenue open for more than 30 years, now closed)
8. Breakfast at Tiffany's starring Audrey Hepburn
9. New York City sidewalk crack
10 & 11. Central Park
safe1691715 edit130893 edited screencap64283 screencap220489 art vandelhay14 b. sharp15 beaude mane88 bigger jim30 blue peeler27 colton john49 eclair créme233 jangles177 levon song49 luckette135 lucky breaks84 maud pie12379 mochaccino233 neigh sayer79 orange sherbet8 perfect pace321 pinkie pie214849 pinot noir114 plunkett30 rare find233 rarity180556 shiraz114 silver berry114 strawberry ice99 suri polomare1204 swanky hank20 tornado bolt420 uptown clover14 viola (character)13 waxton26 winning goal19 earth pony243266 pegasus286161 pony953374 unicorn317127 the gift of the maud pie938 architecture169 audrey hepburn43 big (movie)10 billboard176 boat1330 breakfast at tiffany's39 bridge1139 bridleway37 building2454 carriage256 cats (musical)25 central park14 coach306 comparison4577 corral park18 crystaller building99 fao schwarz4 female1349631 filly65647 friendship island14 hat85648 holly golightly35 ice rink37 irl69742 kite793 male367874 manehattan1012 maneway station9 mare473705 new york99 new york city208 photo79024 piano1089 piano mat4 plushie23765 rock4392 rockefeller center3 sailboat81 sidewalk crack1 stallion106876 statue of friendship42 statue of liberty123 swan boat35 tavern on the green1 taxi236 taxi pony32 the master189 times square21 top hat4142 unnamed pony1774 wonderbolts poster114 wrong cutie mark707


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I think it's very nice that they make it an homage, lets go with that. Not that i think that they can't draw inspiration from real life.

But I'd rather they create something new. Unique to Equestria instead of ponifying a real world city.