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Emerald sees how serious Joyride looks, and says that he will certainly stay in his room this time if an attack happens. He asks if undead can reproduce if they bite living flesh like it says in books.

"Huh? No, that’s the zombie plague and a completely different thing altogether. They aren’t really undead, just diseased and dying. True undead, you know, have to die and then come back. They are scarier because they are a lot harder to put down." Joyride says, watching the cook stir some potatoes in a pot.

Emerald asks if maybe something in the zebra treasure is acting like a beacon and attracting them.

"What, zombies or the Navy? I guess it’s possible, but I didn’t see anything like that when I was studying the items. Most of the enchantments are just very powerful physical and elemental magic enhancers. Rather strange for Zebra artifacts, but I guess they have their magicians too."

Emerald asks if there is any way to disrupt the magic holding the undead together, or perhaps maybe make some explosions to drop onto the undead as they swim by. Maybe even spikes on the railing to slow down the undead as they hop over.

"There isn’t any way to to stop undead with an anti-magic field no. The smaller undead have to be split and broken enough for the magic to leave them. It’s even nicer with bigger undead because usually they have to be powered by some sort of dweomeric object, sort of like a battery. Explosives might not be so bad though… Hmm, maybe I’ll go talk to the Captain and Bo about that…" Joyride says, thinking to herself


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