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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

What if you could turn your ass into a vagina. You know like sex changes only with ur ass. If some1 fucked you in ur vagina would u be gay? I think i would just get 2 cocks and fuck some1 with 2 vaginas. That would be so awesome. No it wouldn't what if u wanted to have anal sex with her…then ur fucked. Wait…her belly button yes…they don't need those. She can have two vaginas and a ass on her stomach. Imagine how quickly you could shit if u turned your cock into an ass. AND YOUR STOMACH. wait that wouldn't work…if u sat down on the toilet 2/3rds of your shit would go into the toilet and a 1/3rd would land on ur lap.
Imagine Fucking the girl with 2 vaginas and the ass on her stomach in the ass. wait new idea tell me this would not be awesome. Put your cock where ur belly button goes…your vagina where ur cock usually went…and a stomach where ur ass was. your girlfriend can have a cock where her vagina usually was and a vagina where her ass was and an ass on her stomach. so you could lay down on ur back and she can fuck you in the vagina while sucking your stomach cock. You would get off in like 30 seconds. What if you just got 3 cocks but the one on ur stomach just shit all the time. that would work. Get a girl to just get 3 vaginas and you can fuck like 3 vaginas at once. Wait…one of those have to be and ass otherwise she cant shit. Pretty much science works like this. you can have as many cocks and vaginas as you want as long as you have 1 ass.
Dont worry about getting diseases from your new ass cock or ass vagina. The tissue that was originally in your ass they can use for the inside of your new sex organ…or for your ass stomach…really its whatever your prefer. Oh man check this out…imagine never gettting hit in the balls again. They could just find some spare space in your body and make an artifical sac to put them in and then your balls sack can just hang somewhere. Then when you have to shit it would just go in there. Cuz we all know there are times where we have to shit but just cant for some reason or another, probably becuz we are getting laid or watching a funny movie. Then you just squeeze the sac when you are on the toilet and it goes out. Or you can just keep how your balls normally where really its up to you. Just be careful though if you decide to have the 3 cock procedure done and you are banging some1 with the 3 vagina sex change…or 3 ass sex change…or 2 vaginas 1 ass sex change…or 1 cock 1 ass 1 vagina sex change…becuz you could very easy smash your balls.
Also girls that want a natural birth can now have the option of easier child birth. They can have their vagina turned into an ass. I have taken some child sized 8lb shits before and ya it hurt but i wasn't in labor for fucking 12 hours and needed morphine to do it. I believe that ass birth would be 250% less painful than vagina birth. Dont worry about your kid getting shit in his eyes either. As long as you got the sex change close to when the baby was being born the new ass would be fresh and never shit out of. im not saying all that pushing wont cause some shit to hit the baby in the ass though. Of course if you are really worried about that thats why you can just have a ball sack put onto your stomach to hold the shit until the baby is born.
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By the way, why can't I include image from this site? Because the url is too long? Everytime I post an image from this site, the comment just disappear.