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Text/logo-free version of >>577146
suggestive159888 artist:vaporeon2495 nightmare moon17989 queen chrysalis37441 twilight sparkle320064 anthro292515 absurd resolution69254 armpits44360 bad student7 bondage37903 bra17883 breasts315594 bugbutt1734 chrysmoonlight10 clothes519110 comic117701 cover3106 female1501949 garter belt4151 lesbian103813 lesbian chrysalis7 lesbian couple60 lesbian moon22 lesbian twilight54 lingerie11677 magic80811 panties54548 twimoon107 twisalis195 underwear66712


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Valiant Spiral

Chaos Within Harmony
Wait one minute…how does this count as a harem for Twilight? This is part of that April Fools comic where Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis have Twilight at their mercy.