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safe1586557 screencap206313 burning heart11 fiery venus15 jumping jupiter13 snowy quartz31 starlight glimmer44589 stellar flare1036 sunburst5949 sunspot (character)42 warm embrace15 pony856735 unicorn273936 the crystalling2009 colt13323 colt sunburst130 discovery family logo11472 filly59880 filly starlight glimmer458 lita kino38 love melody17 malachite (sailor moon)32 mina aino40 raye hino33 sailor jupiter102 sailor mars72 sailor moon1387 sailor venus80


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8 comments posted

MY GOD! TE WHOLE FINALE WAS CLOSE TO THE SAILOR MOON EPISODE! Starlight is like chibiusa! Or Little Lady/Little Rabbit/Wicked Lady. Imagine her parents..MY GOD TUXEDO MASK AND NEO QUEEN SERENITY!!!! Wow…what if Twilight is like Sailor Pluto or something. This is really cool either way!
Background Pony #8641
That's Sailor Jupiter behind Mars, too. She has a thundercloud cutie mark and Jupiter's hairstyle.
Background Pony #2CF0
….wait seriously?

Is this real? Did they seriously just put Pony Sailor Venus into Sunburst's backstory?

Wait a minute, does this mean they're actually like older than the mane six in this world? Are they all grown up and now they're off running the solar system IS CELESTIA SECRETLY USAGI IN DISGUISE