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safe1949204 artist:gerardogreiff52 edit154937 edited screencap79029 screencap258154 spike86565 starlight glimmer54785 dragon70633 pony1299414 unicorn435610 the crystalling2319 animated111917 blushing235297 cute232513 discovery family logo11901 dragon x pony98 duo108259 female1582331 glimmerbetes4405 i can't believe it's not superedit83 interspecies27199 kiss edit61 kiss on the lips1950 kissing28425 male451671 mare605778 shipping227453 sparlight667 spikabetes2401 straight157552


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Background Pony #DD22
I don’t care how they do it but I hope they do something with this relationship
Little bro and older sis  
Rarity style crush  
Close friends
Just something

Twilight’s (and every other of the mane six’s) model looked noticeably older than 5 year old Sweetie Belle did when Spike was born (but younger than the CMC), which would most likely make Twilight roughly 6-10 years older than Spike. So, depending on how old you consider Twilight to be right now, Spike could very easily still be underaged, or even not yet a teenager.
Personally, I’d put Twilight at 20ish when the series began, which would put Spike at 13 or 14ish right now.
Biker Dash

The Biker
I wish some people in this fandom would just grow up and realize Spike is a lot older than he looks.
My headcanon has Spike being 16 when Luna returns, so he would definitely be an adult by now.
Especially considering that dragons age differently than ponies, a lot of it having to do with how much stuff they horde. Even if hos physical aging was not tied into how much stuff he hordes, dragons age much more slowly than a pony, whereas they can live for thousands of years.
Background Pony #8B1F
this could have been edited a lot better, oh well, better than nothing I guess.