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@Background Pony #004C

Eh, the only problem I have so far is the left side of story links in bookshelves being cut off. Apart from that, it's a lot more streamlined than before.

I do wish we could at least change the color scheme though…

Stopped caring
@Darth Prime
Glad I wasn't the only one.

"No, I'm sick of this. You bang on my door, you beg to hear my fanfics, I share something personal with you, and you take a giant shit on it."
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As Daring Do struggled against the ropes that bound her as she was slowly lowered into the pool of lava below her she began to lose hope.

"Don't give up just sis!"

Looking upwards to the sky Daring tiered up with joy and excitement.

It was her big sister Evening Twinkle here to save her! Who was also an alicorn by the way.

Starlight:"I'd like to go to Tartarus now please."