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Barry Tone
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Christ's God: יהוה
@Bexar Bandito

TBH cars made after (whatever date it is) all have gearshift-brake interlocks so a kid can't do that; the driver must press the brake pedal to shift from park. Still, there were millions of cars made without them and plenty are still around in 2016. It was a pretty poignant problem, at least 5 segments on Rescue 911 had it in some form.
Meso Echo

Age 7. I once put our two cats in the bathroom by themselves because they really wanted to see eachother, and I thought my parents were so mean to seperate those two cats that just wanted to be friends!

We got kittens.
Turns out they were in the process of taking them to get fixed them before I did that.

I had a stern, educational talk from Mom and Dad.
We fixed our cats afterwards and let them finally hang out with eachother. The kittens were very happy and got good homes…
But that was not my best moment as a child.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Young Leosword
I pulled down my underpants in public on three separate occasions. I was in a bad mood and punched some kid walking into a classroom and while talking to a teacher I was unaware his face was bleeding. I repeatedly hit a girl with a plastic pipe we were given in PE for a reason I've entirely forgotten. Pretty sure I was under 12 for each of those. 8D

"Sure, my dad almost lets a race of bug-ponies invade because he couldn't tell mom from a bad disguise, but I screw up as a baby and they NEVER let me live it down."