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suggestive145539 artist:lordstormcaller120 rarity183674 sweetie belle49405 anthro264814 absurd resolution66537 bbw4365 belly button79550 breasts283633 busty rarity13148 busty sweetie belle2137 chubbity163 chubby13346 envy122 exercise695 fat22373 female1382044 older27311 sweat26984 weight loss91


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Remember kids. Compared to diet, exercise is almost useless for losing weight.

You can easily lose weight with a change in diet without lifting a finger. Exercising hard however, cannot save you from a bad diet.

It's all in how much you eat. That's it.

This is especially important to remember now that companies that sell things that are high in sugar like to pretend they want to fight the obesity epidemic, because there are quite a lot of initiatives that start with "Diet! (and exercise)", and then get some lobbying from coca cola or whatever to become "Exercise! Exercise now! Exercise! (oh, diet can help too)."