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Emerald asks if Bo is okay, making sure not to allude to what he knows.
“Yeah, just uh… Nevermind.” Bo says, with a smile.
Emerald asks what his favorite adventure on the high seas was.
Bo thinks for a second on this, and then says, “It’s a rather long story. I’d have to tell it to you some other time. It involves hidden treasure and a pirate cave!”
Emerald has to shut his mouth tight at the mention of pirates, just to make sure he doesn’t say anything. Emerald instead asks how he became a sailor, and a cruise worker.
“Well, I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps the second I heard that he was a sailor, and the first job I ever managed to get was on cruise lines. Man, it’s a fun time, I tell ya. Though, perhaps I shouldn’t say too much. Might not be appropriate for you.”
Emerald grimaces slightly, considering what he has done to Emerald it’s pretty rich for him to talk about appropriateness.
Emerald asks how he knows Joyride.
I’ve known Joyride my whole life pretty much since she lived above the tavern that my mother worked at. Joyride and my mother were friends, along with um… Along with Sunshine Sea.” He says in an odd manner, “She always had tales of one sort or another, and I always wanted to hear more. Though I’m sure my mom kept Joyride from spilling the really juicy ones!” Bo says with a laugh.
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