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And we are the scatterlings of Africa,

Both you and I.

Each and every one.


This picture took the longest out of all my other drawings!
I worked on it for four streams, each about 8 hours in total.

1st Stream — I sketch the bottom smaller characters and Rhino.

2nd Stream — I added the big guys as well as three more very small characters to go with what I drew the day before.

3rd Stream — The most pain staking process, coloring took about eight to nine hours to complete. They all create a rainbow of natural coloration's that can only be found in the wild.

4th Stream — Probably the easiest process, simple shading. This gives every character their depth and uniqueness.

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I worked on it these past four days!………foooouuuur daaaaaayyysssssssssssssss…….
safe1676630 artist:thefriendlyelephant410 oc666162 oc only438603 oc:amara the hyena4 oc:dom stom bubu7 oc:kamau3 oc:kekere46 oc:kweli masozi8 oc:lesotho11 oc:maisha7 oc:mbili2 oc:mmiri40 oc:moja2 oc:nuk62 oc:obi73 oc:sabe120 oc:salma15 oc:tatu3 oc:uganda104 oc:zeka19 antelope252 avian164 bird7977 bontebok8 caracal4 dik dik49 elephant336 elephant shrew3 gazelle92 gerenuk63 giant sable antelope139 giraffe863 hyena117 okapi132 ostrich41 rhinoceros98 springbok47 africa170 animal in mlp form253 big ears1107 big eyes1024 cloven hooves9816 grass9253 group3400 horns5700 non-mlp oc2606 size difference13821 traditional art115947 tusk64


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