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“Did someone say…buttering up”?
By PJ posted in /dzg/
suggestive173402 artist:ponut_joe411 adagio dazzle14828 equestria girls234354 4chan6796 animated113202 armpits45237 backbend1746 blushing239352 breasts344320 butter307 butter knife16 eyes closed121091 eyeshadow22732 featureless breasts2962 female1606748 fetish49362 food87965 knife6366 makeup31134 micro10584 nail polish10091 nudity453506 on back29733 open mouth198440 simple background503564 solo1271339 solo female208010 stupid sexy adagio dazzle581 underboob4577 white background130927


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Background Pony #76ED
I’m going to get a huge butter knife and have my girlfriend lie down and I’m going to butter her up. I need to find two huge slices of bread though.
Artist -

Too much endorphins, testosterone ? Sexy body, pose?  
Or “buttering up”? ^ W ^  
But idea of “buttering up”….. Genius  
And animation… Aahhh!!! So much sexy!!!
Artist -

Never ending ecstasy…  
Butter is a ecstasy…  
Adagio is a ecstasy…  
Buttering up Adagio is a really, fucking, hottest ecstasy…  
And I love Adagio, absolutely
Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That's him, officer
One of such ecstasy, potent and raw,  
From the greatest image you’ve ever saw.  
You’re wracked with desire that’s ever so grand,  
Requiring both focus and a steady hand.