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safe (1444081)artist:fearingfun (1319)apple bloom (44054)rainbow dash (205707)scootaloo (46963)sweetie belle (44251)earth pony (153477)pegasus (193254)pony (712050)rabbit (3568)unicorn (209858):< (889)adorabloom (2010)belly button (60327)colored pupils (7608)cute (151272)cutealoo (2223)cutie mark crusaders (16446)diasweetes (2184)dock (38638)explicit source (4528)eyes closed (68990)featureless crotch (5394)female (773844)filly (51413)floppy ears (41801)high res (17465)hug (22882)open mouth (105933)plushie (19941)sitting (46739)smiling (186053)teddy bear (1063)underhoof (41735)


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@Beau Skunky
Its a featureless crotch, thats what it is. That tag was there because its quite in focus, and if you look at a search like featuress crotch,safe there are plenty of images already with it.

But yes this is an edit of an explicit image so such tags just carried over.
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