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Three movies and I'm still waiting for him and Soarin'.
At least we had Trenderhoof
safe (1524495) artist:hasana-chan (225) big macintosh (26338) braeburn (6003) equestria girls (172566) applecest (1812) bad touch (668) blushing (168005) braemac (375) comic (97422) dialogue (56725) equestria girls-ified (7920) gay (24352) implied incest (1386) implied shipping (4047) incest (11878) male (289096) molestation (1575) shipping (177154) size difference (11896) sweat (21683)


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Background Pony #04E9
Maybe we'll see Soarin and Braeburn (and Spitfire and Babs too, I like them) in EqG 4 or in a possible spin-off series in the future.