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safe (1521432) artist:sketchmcreations (1494) apple bloom (45516) diamond tiara (9443) scootaloo (48258) silver spoon (6091) sweetie belle (45675) alicorn (183558) pony (796050) absurd resolution (63021) alicornified (4226) apple bloom is not amused (72) bloomicorn (118) bowing (303) cutie mark crusaders (17220) race swap (11987) simple background (323884) transparent background (169109)


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11 comments posted

It would go something like this:

DT: "How is this fair? I'm the filly best suited to be an alicorn!"
Discord (poofs in): "What's wrong, little one?"
DT: "Apple Bloom just became an alicorn."
Discord: "Well, I can give you wings and a horn."
DT: "You can?"
Discord: "Of course. Just sign over your daily allowance to Fluttershy's animal caretaker fund ."(gives her a legally binding document and a pencil)
DT: "It's a deal!" (signs it)

Apple Bloom: "Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, as punishment for your past misdeeds, I sentence you to make out with each other for my amusement." >.>
Diamond Tiara: "WHAT!?" D:
Silver Spoon: "Long live the wise and just Princess Apple Bloom!" :D