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Shining Armor x King Sombra comic (part 4 continued) for Trance Sequence!
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I read most comments under my art here :D
I like the idea! However this is actually a commissioned comic, so the story and details aren't written by me. I essentially just draw whatever Trance wants c:
I do appreciate the input either way~

I don’t know if you’ll actually read this but you should work in this detail that the black crystals contain an aphrodisiac that can be activated by Sombra to be released into the victim’s body.
Having Sombra doing something unspeakably evil like this would crush Shiny’s heart as not only would he enjoy the rape but he would enjoy it more than doing Cadance an even beg for more sexual domination from Sombra.
You should also have tears streaming from Shiny’s eyes after Sombra makes him cum for added effect.

You can thank Hasana-Chan for the idea.