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safe (1444827)artist:sundown (1368)applejack (149404)fluttershy (186007)pinkie pie (190762)rainbow dash (205795)rarity (159262)sunset shimmer (51366)oc (532648)oc:anon (10711)human (132165)pony (712593)anon's couch (42)applebucking thighs (1821)bag (2553)bedroom eyes (45046)bottle (3023)chips (592)cigarette (3004)colored (15443)couch (6061)dock (38676)eating (7683)eyeshadow (10722)eyes on the prize (4323)food (52232)frown (19811)levitation (8891)magic (58482)makeup (14415)plot (65790)prone (20713)rearity (3165)scared (8035)sitting (46765)smiling (186182)sweat (20218)telekinesis (21169)television (1921)the ass was fat (11213)unshorn fetlocks (18925)varying degrees of want (566)watching (893)wide eyes (14602)wide hips (11965)


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Background Pony #73E
even though this is a safe picture, why am I still staring at their amazingly huge plots?
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@Background Pony #8A0D
well, usually it’s staring at crotch or butt, but there’s no official description, so as long as you aren’t egregiously wrong, it should be fine.
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Background Pony #84B4
o-oh. I maaay have mis-tagged a handful images over time then. I thought it also meant when a pony/anything else was staring at something they wanted or focused on.
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The Great Pumpkin
Personally, I assumed that they just went through an intense scene. Though, seeing some of Sundown’s other works, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were watching porn or a sex scene..
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Background Pony #745E
AJ and several others on this picture are so fat that it crosses the line and becomes ugly…
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