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Shining Armor x King Sombra Patreon comic (part 3 continued) for Trance Sequence!
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Standard Deviation

“Just don’t hurt her.” His voice sounded impossibly small against the immensity of stallion pressing down on him and Shining couldn’t bring himself to even look back.
“Hurt her?” Sombra held his place, poised at Shining’s entrance.
“You can do whatever you want with me, just spare her.” Thoughts of her locked in a similar dungeon came unbidden and no attempt to turn his mind elsewhere could rid Shining of the image of Cadance, chained and broken.
“And what makes you think you’re in any position to bargain with me?” As soon as he heard the words, Shining let his head fall. “She is already mine! As you soon will be.” That same cruel laugh cut through what little resistance Shining managed to draw upon.
He could feel it, the tip of Sombra’s cock bearing down on him. Every movement of the King’s hooves made it throb against his pucker, his own legs shaking and threatening to give out under him. If that happened he was gone, done for; he’d fall back onto Sombra and be as good as his mare. But what hope was there?
“I only wonder if you’ll be a tighter fit than she.” Shining shook his head, fighting back the tears that threatened to spring anew. “I took all she had until she gave herself willingly to me. And she gave herself most willingly at the end. Even as she hoped you would swoop in and rescue her, her dearest Prince!” Sombra sneered, still poking at Shining. “Just imagine the look on her face when she sees you begging for my cock.”
“N-No…” Shining’s voice cracked, his futile attempt to lower his tail halted by a hoof that wrapped it around and around and violently tugged it aside. “Ahh!”
“I am your King!” Sombra barked, yanking Shining’s tail back until the stallion’s rump was ground firmly against his cock. “It is not your place to deny me!”
He pushed forward with his hips, pulling on Shining’s tail in turn. The stallion tried to stop himself from whimpering but the sting that ran through his dock was so terribly sharp and the realisation of what was upon him too stark to deny. Sombra was grunting, straining to push his cock in but Shining clenched down with what little strength he could. In the end it only left him shaking at the way Sombra groaned as he continued to push forward and eventually began to push past Shining’s tight pucker.
The stallion bit down on his hoof, struggling to hold back from making any further sounds that might lead Sombra to gloat more. Already it felt too much, there was simply no way that thing was going to fit inside him. Throbbing and twitching, leaking precum freely, Sombra never relented in pushing on; his hooves near dug into the stone, his teeth bared as he drove himself on. Shining had since shut his eyes, though, wincing at the pain that had begun.
But then there was a sickening wet plop and he felt it - the tip of Sombra’s cock entered him and he could hold out no more. Shining let out a quavering cry, falling forward as his forelegs gave out. His own member stood painfully erect and now twitched at every throb of Sombra’s inside him. The feeling of hot, wet precum was as disgusting as it was arousing. It wasn’t right, he shouldn’t be feeling this.
“Please,” Shining croaked, “no more.” Any more and that hoof would touch him again, would taunt his arousal.
Sombra leaned forward suddenly, his voice low and threatening as he said, “one does not issue orders to a King.”
And with no warning, Sombra bucked his hips forward, forcing inches of his cock inside the stallion.
“Ah-fuck!” Shining cried out, his tail yanked back again, preventing him from gaining any small respite. But before he could even adjust himself to accommodate the thick member that stretched him out painfully, Sombra thrust again and forced another few inches in. “Stop!” And Shining’s voice came clear.
“Not until–Ah!” Sombra groaned. “You stop being so damnably tight!” Another laugh, his cock pumping precum with every throb.
At the last thrust Shining could only whimper when he felt the King’s hips slap against his rump. A leg swung over his left hind and pulled him back as Sombra ground himself in tight, sighing in satisfaction. His whole world felt like it had been reduced to the thick member that stretched him out, to the stallion on his back who locked him in place. Even his last attempt to drum up magical energies to push Sombra off failed pitifully with only a sharp stab of pain through his horn.
For far too long he felt nothing but the stallion atop him, working his hips like he was nothing but a mare in heat to be bred. His traitorous cock ached for release and Shining finally let his tears flow free; what more could be done to him?
The answer came sooner than it should.
Sombra began to pull back, not with the slow, tender care of a lover but roughly, raggedly, pulling even as Shining involuntarily squeezed down. The stallion let out a quiet choking sound as inch after painful inch of the King’s member pulled out until only the tip was still within him. He knew better than to hope but the thrust that came was still a surprise. Swift and brutal, it only took the one to drive that thick shaft back into him, their hips meeting with a sharp smack. Sombra pulled on Shining’s tail as he did and the stallion found his body yanked back with the force of it, cock bouncing against his stomach and sending a thin strand of precum spattering against the stone floor.
“Fuck-fuck-fuck!” Shining cursed freely as Sombra barely pulled out before thrusting back in, over and over, one hind leg pulling him back while the other pressed his own wider.
Words descended into garbled oaths and pleadings for Sombra to stop as his thrusts became longer, harder. Shining’s whole body rocked each time the stallion above him thrust forward, driving every inch of his aching cock into him. So much precum had been spilled and so roughly had he been taken that the King now fucked him with ease, his thrusts breaking down what little resistance Shining could put up.
But suddenly he leaned back, taking Shining’s tail in his teeth and placing his forelegs on the stallion’s hips. He pulled with tooth and hoof, grinding himself in as tight as he could. Shining couldn’t tell what he was saying in that moment, all his mind could focus on was how utterly he was filled, the strength of those hips that pressed against his rump and the weight of those heavy balls that smacked against his own.
Bleh, sorry it’s not that long but I just wanted to knock something out to see if it’s okay by you guys. Please, feel free to tell me if you’d like anything changed.
Standard Deviation

“You are mine!” King Sombra growled as he ground his hips into Shining Armour’s rump. “I want to hear you renounce that pretty pink princess.” Those last words were sneered, Sombra’s lips curling back in an evil grin.
“Ah!” If only he could roll his hips back, push himself onto that stiff black rod. All he had to do was say those simple words. “I… I…”
“Yes?” Sombra leaned forward, pressing down on Shining’s withers. The stallion felt the tip of Sombra’s cock throb against himself; it was too much.
“You are my king!” Shining choked, closing his eyes against the thoughts that assaulted him. “You’re the one I want!”
The laugh he received in response made Shining dip his ears and lower his head. The teeth that bit into his neck were so sharp, their grip so absolute and the feeling they drove through him… so exciting.
“Oh don’t worry, you’ll see her again.” Sombra’s cock pressed against the salive-slicked pucker under Shining’s tail; the stallion could only whimper. “I took her first; I wanted to savour you.” The King leaned close, whispering huskily, “and I want to savour the look on her face when she sees her husband begging to be bred like a mare in heat.”
“But I’m not–”
“Not yet!” Sombra snapped and his hoof quickly snaked around Shining’s waist, poking at his stiff member, “but if this is any indicator, you can’t wait to be my willing little brood mare.”
He hated it, hated himself for giving in to those sensations but no matter how Shining tried, everything about this turned him on. The hot breath on his neck, the thick musk of maleness, the weight on his back, cock at his rump, the cool, domineering tone of the King; this was what had been missing.
“Ahh, I never imagined a captain of the royal guard could be so soft!” Shining cringed at the cruel laughter that erupted from Sombra. Ashen hooves rolled across his back and squeezed his rump, sinking into the soft flesh. “How many of your guards wished to be where I am? How many did you taunt with this?” He rose a hoof and delivered a firm smack that both made the cheek it struck wobble and Shining cry out. “How many times did you imagine them mounting you?”
Shining floundered to shut his hind legs but the King’s own held them spread wide. Now he stood there, rocking his hips back and forth making his cock grind against Shining’s quivering pucker. It reminded him of those dark lips and light tongue that licked and sucked and kissed and… before he knew what he was doing, Shining realised he was pushing back. Each time, the tip of Sombra’s cock would press against him and threaten to enter.
Precum ran from it in thick, goopy streams and further lubed up the stallion’s entrance. Shame filled every inch of Shining as he found himself desperately trying to use his magic to push Sombra forward; a dull ache ran the length of his horn before he relented and recalled the corruption that now graced it.
“Say it.” Sombra growled, his tone lighter, almost playful. He squeezed Shining’s cheeks, pressing them around his cock.
“I want you.” The words were so easy to say but still, Shining spat them. Hot tears burned the corners of his eyes as he looked away from the wicked smile on Sombra’s face.
“There now.” A hoof tugged at his chin and pulled him around, warm lips kissing the tears. “That was easy, wasn’t it?” Then there was a clop-clop as the King moved himself back, and spread his legs wider. “This, I’m glad to say, will not be.”
This is just a little teaser, so I may ask if that’s the kind of thing you mean. The image is tagged with “rape” and while I usually prefer more tender, loving kinds of things I could write something rougher, less consensual if that’s what people here would like.