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“So is ‘picking you up, cradling you on your back, and scratching your tummy’ the standard cost of a dozen apples?”  
“Special rate just for you, Sugarcube.”

safe2212207 artist:badumsquish2516 artist:reiduran1407 derpibooru exclusive41391 part of a set24986 applejack203544 earth pony521221 pony1642332 g42066809 badumsquish is trying to murder us176 badumsquish's kitties196 cute271451 female1846407 front view1971 grin64732 happy45733 jackabetes8116 looking at you268675 looking up24863 looking up at you1068 new rush17 show accurate27341 sitting95613 smiling411859 solo1457654 weapons-grade cute4764


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
I’m not the first. This guy beat me to it by quite literally being the best poster on this entire board.
Buuuuuut… I’m one swipe of my credit card away from having 12, and speak well enough Spanish that I could easily get the Speaking Fancy badge if I sat down and devoted to it (often I mean too, if only for the sake of lending a hand, but I always forget). I just don’t really care about how many badges I have, but rather what I get them for: I’m incredibly proud of the five uploader badges because, among other reasons, it took a literal ton of hard work to get.