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Sadly darling knowing everything isn’t the same as being able to actually do everything. Of course you won’t have to worry about trying to figure out what you can and can’t do since you will already know that.  
Discord can get you all of them with a snap of your finger. Although that last one won’t be too helpful after taking the Discord one. So you could just put a fairy in it.
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If I could travel back in time, I would go back and raise myself to avoid feeling depressed all the time.
Were I to fail at that, I’ll still have a partner to play TF2 and Warcraft III with, so its still a win.

While Twilight and Discords are tempting, trying to accomplish something is generally more fun than just sitting around all day.
Most of the others I just couldn’t care for.
Being super fast would be my 3rd choice. It was difficult to decide between Fluttershy and Luna for #1. Though I’d go with Fluttershy because it’s just a lot more versatile (and cause I love animals a lot anyways), whereas Luna’s would probably be just like experiencing a very immersive movie… However, chances are I’d be talking to a lot of spiders since I see the more often than any other animal for some reason.
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The Prodigy Unicorn
i am going to choose this  
the ability to fully control what’s going on in my body, like make it heal much more faster, or customize my appearance like changing my hair color, eye color, face shape, increase the brain volume and the speed it operating and more, the good news is there’s many scientist develoving the nanobot technology and possibly in 2040 we can get this thing.
Background Pony #2DFE
Discord makes others pretty much redundant.  
It’s also pretty ironic that rarity one gives you good looks considering she’s the one that needs makeup and fake eyelashes to look pretty while others look good naturally.

Applejack, although Twilight is most certainly tempting I fear in my current state it would just mean even more potential would be going to waste.
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Thankfully, OP left out the normal contents of a jar on Derpibooru.
Hmm. So many good choices. Probably Twilight, but I’d be very happy with several others.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It won't be okay
Well, that Discord one is tempting, but I can keep a fairy in the empty one, which might help me in the battle against Ganon.
Background Pony #6EC0
Why would anyone not choose Twilight’s or Discord’s? I mean you could get all the others with those two.

picks up empty jar I’d rather be my own man. Horse. Thing.
On a side note, Cadence’s seems kinda lame. Why the hell would I want to love my enemies if I already revel in making them suffer? :P
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Busy - May not Respond
I would choose Twilight, because if I have the power of know anything and everything, I can do practically all!