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made a few things of this image, never uploaded and kind of forgot about them.  
I only colored 3 of them.
explicit416968 artist:fearingfun1433 edit156789 apple bloom56361 scootaloo55479 sweetie belle53441 anthro315617 belly button95673 breasts343094 clothes559060 colored22213 condom3778 condom in mouth815 cutie mark crusaders20900 delicious flat chest5976 evening gloves9779 exhibitionism11299 female1602866 females only15132 filly84721 fishnets6721 flatie belle146 flattle bloom147 foalcon20500 gloves25333 inviting843 inviting you164 looking at you216991 mouth hold21204 nipples211524 nudity452119 public nudity3959 scootaflat274 socks81834 stockings41991 thigh highs48791 vulva160918


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Twilight's Westley
If they are old and bold enough to walk up to you naked in a stadium full of spectators with condoms in their mouths, they are probably in heat and probably old enough to get pregnant. But if role playing that they are not old enough to get pregnant helps arouse you for the event, then keep that thought in mind, because you have three fillies to hump your way through.
Background Pony #5124
The stadium makes this more hot to me than anything else.
I’m imagining an alternate version of the story arc where the Equestria Games hold intercourse as an event, and the cmc competed to be the judges. This requires them to have sex with every participant in front of the whole crowed and determine which one was the best.
Imagine them in this moment, staring down a line of horny stallions waiting to fuck them. In the next second they’ll be bent over benches, their screams of ecstasy echoing through the whole auditorium as they’re made to climax again, and again, and again, and again.
God I have such a raging hard on.

I like how their nipple colors range from light to dark. Sweetie Belle has pink nipples and Scootaloo has brown nipples.