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safe1751922 artist:pixelkitties1193 starlight glimmer49825 pony1011792 unicorn342844 alternate hairstyle29099 basket3215 chaurus21 clothes476450 cute205849 daaaaaaaaaaaw4694 dress46105 easter1379 egg4094 female1403096 glimmerbetes3908 glowing horn20562 happy32212 horn77864 levitation12586 magic75457 mare502802 necklace20567 open mouth154686 pigtails4948 raised hoof48469 skyrim1104 solo1095288 telekinesis28772 the elder scrolls1365


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Background Pony #80FF
took me around a full minute to understand why there was the skyrim tag on this one…
Background Pony #CAF0
two things it bother me because i dont know what a charus its and second why is linked to an Elder scroll or skyrim (im new in that game)
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Thread Starter - Transformers Thread

At this point, Chaurus Eggs have become PixelKitties’ obligatory “background gag,” like Toxic-Mario’s muffins or Coltsteelstallion’s Tower of Pimps.
Background Pony #E946
How is this image related to skyrim and elder scrolls? Tags are confusing.