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Actually, that is one thing I’ve always wondered. That scene which caused the seizures in the first place…why didn’t they just use actual explosions? They’ve done it before, and the flashing blue and red lights don’t make me think something exploded, they made me think a kid got stupid with the flood fill tool on MS Paint. It doesn’t even look like a virtual explosion, it just looks moronic.
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That was what I am about to say, but you beat me by 7 minutes.

Anyways, if Porybon triggers epilepsy and banned in the anime, so does Porybon2 and Porybon Z. BTW, it will also be genderless since it’s a man-made Pokebon.
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Planeswalker — FoME
Never allowed on the anime after she triggered those epileptic episodes.

Well, it was actually one of Pikabloom’s attacks, but it’s not like they can drop one of the main characters.
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