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Nuk and Mmiri were out grazing together one day when they started hearing a heavenly voice coming from near by.
They went to investigate and were surprised to see Kweli the Bontebok sitting by herself, singing near some tall grass and a few rocks.
They both hid behind an Acacia tree to remain unnoticed by her, for her song was very beautiful.

(In whisper mode)

Mmiri — "Wow….I had no idea that she could sing!"

Nuk — "Me neither…."

Mmiri — "That is the most beautiful song I've ever heard."
safe1679835 artist:thefriendlyelephant410 oc667848 oc only439475 oc:kweli masozi8 oc:mmiri40 oc:nuk62 antelope252 bontebok8 gerenuk63 springbok47 acacia tree77 africa170 animal in mlp form253 horns5717 long muzzle10 rock4342 savanna121 singing6214 tall grass37 traditional art116161 tree31454 trio8785


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