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safe1727385 artist:captainpudgemuffin668 edit134212 rainbow dash236215 twilight sparkle303150 alicorn228564 pony987660 :t3814 bedroom eyes60306 behaving like a cat2209 blushing201013 book33939 chinese2869 comic110267 cute202940 dashabetes9511 eyes closed95630 female1381729 floppy ears53239 fluffy14430 flying38773 frown23260 glare8270 hnnng2464 lesbian98122 mare491189 non-consensual cuddling143 nose wrinkle3029 nuzzling4026 ponyloaf425 prone25932 question mark4612 rainbow cat115 raised eyebrow6618 reading6347 rubbing1150 shipping202918 sitting64411 sleeping23706 smiling254386 snorting521 thinking1972 translation2397 twiabetes12123 twidash5327 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124928 unamused16491 wavy mouth3765 weapons-grade cute3732 wide eyes17218


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The Anti-Normies
>taking the time to translate a English comic to Chinese and posting it on a English site
For what purpose…
i am sure that any Chinese that is here can read English…