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safe1724851 artist:captainpudgemuffin668 rainbow dash235965 twilight sparkle302833 alicorn228065 pony985169 :t3813 absurd resolution66486 bedroom eyes60190 behaving like a cat2206 blushing200638 book33895 captainpudgemuffin is trying to murder us57 chest fluff39967 comic110084 cute202584 dashabetes9498 derail in the comments294 eyes closed95447 female1379424 floppy ears53120 fluffy14407 flying38717 frown23211 glare8265 hnnng2464 lesbian97970 mare489909 nesting instinct28 non-consensual cuddling143 nose wrinkle3025 nuzzling4021 ponyloaf422 prone25885 question mark4609 rainbow cat115 raised eyebrow6609 reading6340 rubbing1147 shipping202499 sitting64262 sleeping23687 smiling253758 snorting521 sweet dreams fuel1613 thinking1965 twiabetes12105 twidash5322 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124798 unamused16456 wavy mouth3759 weapons-grade cute3730 wide eyes17196


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The magic 🅱oi
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

GOOdnesS gRAcioUs i Didи,t иoTIcE AnYThINg ERoniious. I thOUghT tHaT iT wAs a cUtE dRAwInG tHaT @captainpudgemuffin pOOt a LoT oF wOrK aNd eFfOrT in to.
Wesley Foxx
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The Fluffiest
Both cats and dogs have different aspects that I find appealing.

I also tend to think that foxes have pretty much the ideal combination of both but I don't really care for the idea of having exotic or wild pets soooooo
Meso Echo

@Cpt Pudge Muffin

Hey, doggies can be fluffy too!

Yeah kind of a dumb question to ask, I'm a cat person but was just curious since where I live, people tend to be dog people.

Then I remember… yep, the internet loves their kitties! <:
Cpt Pudge Muffin
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Artist - captainpudgemuffin

Touch me in places
I do love my big body pillow pooches, but I will always be more in tune with kitties.

A side effect of having cats first and THEN getting dogs later in life. That being said, while my cats are love bugs, they don't like to cuddle for very long usually and only hang around until I drift off to sleep and stop petting them. My labs on the other hand are spooning fools and will wait until they think I'm asleep to try and sneak up onto the bed to cuddle. Two 90+ lbs dogs trying to stealth across a bed is rather amusing.