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Original description:

Queen cocoon always believed in String Theory: The theory that everything's better with strings! The ponies who do visit or sneak in seem to agree, but the thrill of it is starting to wear thin for her.. This would be the second—or third set of ponies that visited Queen Cocoon's hive. It doesn't exactly help when her changelings practically let them in as well.

Do let me know if you can't read any of the text in the picture, okay?
safe1616825 artist:firefanatic354 rarity173881 twilight sparkle288456 oc627968 oc:queen cocoon6 changeling43007 changeling queen13866 moth489 mothling118 mothpony938 original species22662 bondage31409 changeling queen oc1723 cocoon608 crying41053 cute186459 eye contact6234 fangs22869 female1287044 fluffy13284 misspelling2279 nerdgasm42 open mouth130049 silk80 smiling224768 species swap18037 spread wings49697 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118445 wink22702 yellow changeling786


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2 comments posted
Background Pony #B509
at first I thought it had to do with the giant moth that keeps pestering AJ… dont know why that what I thought of…