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Gift art from SirMasterDufel. Piggy Shy wants hugs and more food!


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“Criticism is fine, but not baseless criticism. Provide feedback - artists will appreciate constructive criticism but outright anger and annoyance will just drive artists away, and this site is about sharing and celebrating all art related to the show, no matter the talent or experience of the artist.”
Yeah you’re missing a lot more than that, bud. Reaction images expressing distaste with the image when the person could just easily filter it and move on. Don’t try to act like what you’re doing isn’t absolutely pointless and non-rule breaking.
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I would hate this but then I saw the nose… Suddenly I am in love and want more…  
Maybe it is the pig nose adds a layer of deprivation and animalistic subservience to it?
I may have some issues to work out
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I just don’t get the whole pig thing.
I like stuffing and big bellies and fat, but as soon as you put an actual pig snout on them it crosses over from sexy into silly/ridiculous.