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safe1862015 artist:pencils1349 limestone pie5396 marble pie7133 pinkie pie229652 oc777706 oc:anon12458 earth pony313484 human180316 pony1206413 comic:anon's pie adventure499 ...2594 :t4067 angry30207 boop8093 comic117686 eye contact7056 female1501613 glare8493 human male7148 jealous1318 limetsun pie240 looking at each other24556 male422970 mare557407 noseboop3151 one punch man219 open mouth176189 pointing4576 poker face205 raised hoof54460 reference4335 saitama102 scrunchy face7528 sitting71969 tsundere3126 underhoof57862


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I don’t understand why anon couldn’t have just told the truth right from the start. The misunderstanding isn’t even something that makes Cloudy look bad. She told anon she used the stone, anon got the wrong idea and kissed her before she had the chance to say she used it for her children.
What’s the problem here? Some of the details, like Cloudy feeling a little neglected, might be hurtful, but they don’t have to be mentioned to have neither of them take the blame.

i just remember who he reminds me of now one punch man i think we for where he got his power from now and he just doesn’t want to admit it